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Teambook is web-based application for team planning. They approached MezzoLab with a challenge: explain their product in a fun and unexpected way. We thought this could be a great opportunity to try new things. So we've decided on a mixed media approach, and made the first video of this kind at MezzoLab. Teambook loved the idea and helped us along the way - this was really a great collaboration between their side and ours.

'The product needed to be always visible....'

The product needed to be always visible, so we decided to create a somewhat fixed element (the laptop), and create a world around it. The initial idea was to make everything out of paper ourselves, but we later incorporated objects and toys from a variety of sources.

Sometimes we used visual metaphors, and others we just expanded and reinforced what was happening on screen. Also, the color scheme used reflected what was used in the web-app and website - purple, orange and blue.


“Thanks to their creative approach and high technical skills, Mezzolab created out of the ordinary videos that are getting us noticed and that reinforce our brand.”
Stève Cattin - Teambook & Aspediens

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