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We help brands achieve their goals through Animation and Digital Strategy.


Explain Value &
Delight Customers


Use Video Strategically to Sell Better
and Retain Customers

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Brands That Made The Right Call

  • Facebook
  • Ford
  • Remote IO
  • Allianz
  • NOS
  • QualtricsXM
  • Algolia
  • Gartner
  • Ginger
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Drive Growth at Every Stage
of the Customer Lifecycle


Strategy + Video =
Shorter Sales Cycle

And Shorter Sales Cycle = More Sales

Great Strategy is the difference between videos that look awesome and videos that look awesome & drive sales.

Boost your Marketing Funnel using proven tactics designed by experts.


An Educated Prospect
is a Good Buyer

Are you leaving money on the table?

How many prospects aren't buying from you because they don't understand the real value you provide?

Empower your prospects to make the right decision AKA becoming your customer!


No Surprises,
A Process that Works

A pain-free process designed for busy people like you.

30-minutes per week promise.

Unlimited Revisions. Seriously.

We hate pointless Zoom calls too.

Feel like an amazing client.


Know Exactly just
How Well this Works

Let's get real.

You're not here because you like pretty moving pictures. You're here because you want to help your company grow.

Get the right analytics and insights so you can KPI the hell out of your next Marketing Meeting.


World-Class Animation,
Quality & Fun

Shit, we almost forgot.

Brands pick us because we consistently produce video content that makes brands look like they're unicorns (some actually are).

Oh, and don't tell your boss this... but doing fun videos for work? Why do you think we do this for a living?

Such Lovely Testimonials
You'd think Our Clients
Have a Crush on Us


I was blown away by Mezzolab from start to finish. The final product is exactly what we wanted and their process to get there is THE BEST I've had with any vendor in my 15 years of experience.... blown away. Can't wait to work together again!

Abby Richter

The MezzoLab team is smart and service-oriented. They listen well, respond to our needs, have high-quality standards and are easy to collaborate with.
We're very proud of the videos we've created together.

Karem Temkin

The Mezzolab team has been nothing but great to work with.
Smart, creative, thoughtful and very dedicated to provide an amazing customer experience.

Marcelo Manjon

João and team have been fantastic to work with. We had a very specific vision heading into this project and, candidly, we're concerned they wouldn't be able to pull it off. However, the end results were fantastic. Will definitely be doing more work with these guys in the future!

Greg Glass

The Mezzo team was quick to turnaround feedback, attentive to detail and delivered a stellar animation for Algolia.
I'd definitely recommend them to any Tech companies looking to grow.

Liam Boogar


Commitment Issues?
Let's Talk and See if we are a Good Fit

We'll talk about your challenges & goals, and figure out if we'd make a good team - no strings attached.



We only work with a few selected clients per year to make sure we can provide the best results possible (and maintain a happy team).

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