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Need Animated Video?

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Video Strategy designed for you
Goals-based approach to production
Focused on Tech
15 minutes per week promise
Measure your ROI
Get your own Project Manager
We do all the work for you

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"Let's see what sticks" approach
"One explainer video will fix it all."
"We serve all types of clients"
Waste time on endless calls
"Who is ROI? Never heard of her."
Meet the whole team, one by one
Manage 2 companies & 4 freelancers

Simple Process.
No Surprises.

Designed for busy people like you
We hate pointless Zoom calls too
Unlimited revisions
Feel like an amazing client

Your problems, solved.

Attracting clients, the fun way.

Looks & Brains
Great Strategy is the difference between videos that look awesome and videos that look awesome & generate beautiful leads.
Test & Generate Leads faster
Boost your Marketing Funnel using the right video at the right time with the help of experts.
Case Studies 🧠

Accelerate sales by making them fun.

Empower your sales teams
Sell the smart way by having a video library sales teams can use to explain your offering, tackle objections, and build trust.
The perfect pitch, everytime
Using video, your salespeople can pitch prospects in a much more efficient and scalable way.
Case Studies

Your products,
shining bright.

Making it simple
Show your potential customers the benefits of using your products and how it solves their problems.
People buy solutions, not features
We help you figure out what really matters to your costumers and how to create the perfect messaging.
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Teach people,
without the boring.

Educated Prospect = Good Buyer
How many prospects aren't converting because they don't understand the value you provide?
Teach at scale
We help you produce content that you can use to teach your teams, leads, and customers at scale.
Case Studies

Be the coolest company in town.

Stand-out from the crowd
Show how your company is the best option for the best talent & investors.
Communicate what you stand for
People care what your brand stands for.
Video helps you put beliefs & words into action.
Case Studies

Animated Video Magic 🪄

Case Studies 🧠

Trusted by the Best in Tech ⚡

“I was blown away by Mezzolab from start to finish.

The final product is exactly what we wanted and their process to get there is THE BEST I've had with any vendor in my 15 years of experience.

Can't wait to work together again!”
Senior Brand Director - HourWork
“MezzoLab is smart and service-oriented.

They listen well, respond to our needs, have high-quality standards and are easy to collaborate with.

We’re very proud of the videos we’ve created together.”
Chief of Staff - QualtricsXM

Get a whole lotta video.

Let's talk about your challenges & goals, and figure out if we'd make a good team.
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Frequently Asked Questions 🤨

Do you do all the steps of video production?

From helping you figure out what videos you should produce, to delivering and getting them in front of relevant eyeballs, we do it all for you.

How much does a video cost?

It depends:
Complexity, Number of Videos, & Timeframe affect pricing.
Tell us your budget and we'll help you figure out a solution that fits your goals.
Our clients rate the price to quality ratio at 4.9/5 stars.

Where is MezzoLab?

We have team-members in 8 countries.
MezzoLab was founded in Portugal in 2012 and we have clients in 20+ countries.

Have you done videos for my industry?

We've been around for 10 years and simplified the complex for hundreds of companies.
We have a process for discovering what matters and our clients routinely say that we help them discover how to communicate more effectively.

How long does it take?

The average production time for one video is 4 weeks.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Please get in touch - we like helping NGO's make the World nicer.