Giving What We Can (GWWC), a non-profit championing effective giving, wanted a campaign focusing on supporting animal rights charities. They needed to explain how effective giving could make a big difference in reducing worldwide suffering.


MezzoLab Studio stepped up to the plate, creating a short explainer video that highlighted the main goals of effective giving and why animal welfare matters. The video made it easy for people to understand how their donations can make a real impact.


The animated explainer video became a hit across GWWC's digital platforms, driving sign-ups and donations. It clearly showed people how they could make a difference, making it a powerful tool in GWWC's mission to promote effective giving.

Giving What We Can

A leading player in the field of philanthropy, Giving What We Can is dedicated to encouraging ethical giving.
Through rigorous research, they identify and promote charities that create the most impact, advocating for a world where giving is effectively directed to the most pressing issues.
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