Giving What We Can (GWWC) wanted to illustrate how one's donations to health charities can be amplified through effective giving. They needed a way to present this message clearly and persuasively.


MezzoLab put together an informative animated explainer video that clearly demonstrated the impact of effective giving on health charities. The video illustrated how one's contributions can be multiplied manifold through strategic, effective giving.


The explainer video proved to be a potent tool in conveying GWWC's message. It successfully showcased the power of effective giving, prompting more people to donate intelligently and contribute more significantly towards health charities. The video helped GWWC in driving their mission forward.

Giving What We Can

A leading player in the field of philanthropy, Giving What We Can is dedicated to encouraging ethical giving.
Through rigorous research, they identify and promote charities that create the most impact, advocating for a world where giving is effectively directed to the most pressing issues.
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