I was blown away by Mezzolab from start to finish. The final product is exactly what we wanted and their process to get there is THE BEST I've had with any vendor in my 15 years of experience... blown away. Can't wait to work together again!

Abby Richter

Senior Brand Director at HourWork


HourWork wanted to boost their website and social media conversions. They needed a explainer video to showcase their product's benefits and how it solves problems for companies hiring hourly workers.


We put together an explainer video that laid out all the great things about HourWork's HR platform. It highlighted how the product could make hiring hourly workers a breeze, showing viewers why HourWork is a must-have tool.


After the video went live, HourWork saw a jump in product demos. People came to the demos with a clear understanding of the product, thanks to the explainer video. The video was a hit, driving conversions and making demos more effective.


HourWork helps fast-food chains hire and retain hourly workers with their online platform.
They help match employers with top hourly talent, uncover what matters most to employees, and automatically check in at key milestones to prevent early attrition
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