MezzoLab have been fantastic to work with. We had a very specific vision heading into this project and, candidly, we're concerned they wouldn't be able to pull it off. However, the end results were fantastic. Will definitely be doing more work with these guys in the future!

Greg Glass

CEO at Qwill


Qwill had a tough task - they wanted to make estate planning, a typically grim topic, fun. They also aimed to boost conversion rates on their website and app stores.


We created a hilarious explainer video with a John Cleese-style voiceover that brought the fun to estate planning. It showed off the major benefits of Qwill in a way that got viewers laughing and learning at the same time.


The animated explainer video was a smash hit. It made estate planning fun and highlighted why Qwill is a must-have tool. Qwill saw their website and app store conversion rates climb, proving that even serious topics can benefit from a touch of humor.


Qwill offers a comprehensive platform for digital estate planning.
By making it easier to create and manage legal documents, Qwill is democratizing access to legal services and promoting peace of mind for users.
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