RealFevr is one of the World’s leading Fantasy Sports platform. They’re now turning to crypto for their next round of growth with the launch of an ICO.


RealFevr needed to attract investors to their ICO using a media campaign and increase conversions on their ICO website.

MezzoLab created an explainer video that walked viewers through RealFevr's journey, their plans for the future, and how Crypto is the perfect next step to help them achieve their goals.
Showing that RealFevr
is one of the leading Fantasy Sports platforms.

One aspect that sets this ICO apart from others is the fact that RealFevr is an established and growing company, with a platform that is used by more than 600k users.

This big differentiator is something we used in the video to build trust with potential investors.

An animation about a Fantasy Sports ICO
had to be fun.
In the eye-candy and fun departments, this project was definitely a walk in the park.

The Fantasy Sports theme allowed us to use lots of cool scenes that balance out the more technical aspects of the ICO investment opportunity. 

It also gave us the perfect excuse to use a look-a-like of one of our clients.

Mezzolab was a perfect partner not only on the creative outcome of their work but also in the way they helped us structure the process from top to bottom.
I would definitely recommend them.

Pedro Moreira