Everything You Need to Know About Explainer Videos in 2023

Explainer videos have become a popular marketing tool as they allow businesses to break down complex topics and increase the attention of their target audience.

This blog post will provide insight into what explainer videos are, how to create them effectively and why using this video style is essential.

So if you're looking for ways to amplify your message or need an introduction on creating one yourself - let’s explore more about these captivating clips which could possibly revolutionize your entire strategy!

What are explainer videos?

  • Explainer videos are short promotional or commercial videos that aim to captivate and educate viewers in order to turn them into potential customers.
  • Benefits of explainer videos include enhanced engagement, standing out from competitors, and highlighting benefits & identifying pain points.
  • When selecting an explainer video production company, look for one with experience, storytelling capability, quality guarantee & reasonable cost.

Understanding Explainer Videos

Animated explainer video showing how businesses can create high-quality videos to promote their services

Most businesses have come to depend on explainer videos as they improve website conversions and provide more in-depth product pages.

These videos are used for online marketing purposes, visually conveying complex ideas with attractive storytelling and premium video production that also appeals to viewers.

They typically appear on landing pages or social media posts and can either be live action recordings or animations which cater better to different needs of the customer base.

Definition and Purpose

Explainer videos are produced to engage viewers with their business by communicating a message in an attractive, educational and entertaining way.

They typically last 30 seconds up to 3 minutes and help grab the attention of prospective customers while clarifying something quickly.

The purpose behind explainer video production is for people who observe it to understand ideas or information as well as grasp processes or messages efficiently, thus turning them into potential purchasers.

Benefits for Businesses

Animated explainer videos have proven to be a great asset for businesses seeking to produce effective video content.

Such videos can transmit an understandable narrative that viewers are able to connect with, and studies show they lead up to 40% more people becoming customers than written words alone.

Explainer videos bring about increased involvement in the customer journey, allowing brands to display their products or services in a captivating fashion.

Essentially helping companies stand out from other players on the marketing scene.

Key Elements of an Effective Explainer Video

Animated explainer video showing how businesses can benefit from using explainer videos

In order to produce an explainer video that resonates with its audience, businesses must take certain key elements into consideration.

These components involve showcasing the advantages and recognizing pain points, drawing viewers in through a captivating narrative structure as well as making sure that the video production company makes video content that is on-brand and exciting to watch.

By concentrating on these details, companies can be sure that not only will their explainer video attract attention from visitors, but also effectively communicate what they intend it to convey.


Explainer videos bring several advantages, including a boost to website traffic, improved search engine results, capturing viewer attention quickly and effectively conveying product concepts or ideas. It can raise conversion rates as well as build brand recognition due to its ready shareability.

Businesses must weigh up the downsides such as production costliness and time consumption for creation of explainer videos against their potential benefits in order to make an informed decision when using this form of marketing tool.

Ultimately, by looking into both pros and cons associated with incorporating these types of video clips business owners have more opportunity for success on their website without sacrificing precious capital

. Plainly communicate products & services available, elevate sales rate made off site visits, and amplify reputation awareness from possible sharing/spread.

Engaging Storytelling

Explainer videos provide an opportunity for businesses to build relationships with their audience and effectively communicate a message in a concise manner.

Crafting these types of videos should include elements such as narrating stories, utilizing visuals that add depth, clarity in content, brevity overall and including some kind of call-to-action at the end.

This is how brands can craft explainer videos which capture viewers' attention while staying true to its core story about the business or product/service it offers.

High-Quality Video Production

Explainer videos are essential for businesses to create a strong impact and recognition of their brand.

Quality is the most significant factor when it comes to explainer video production.

Creating videos that accurately reflect the company's offerings can shape viewers' opinion about its services or products.

To produce an exceptional video, companies must pay attention to all elements including crafting well-structured scripts, incorporating visuals and motion as well as injecting humor with emotional content which brings better engagement from audience thus increasing conversion rates.

Investing in high quality is absolutely worth it if you want your explainer videos to gain more attention.

Types of Explainer Videos

Animated explainer video showing the difference between animated and live-action explainer videos

When it comes to explainer videos, there are three main types – animated, live-action and mixed-media.

Each has their own unique benefits, making it really important for businesses to decide on the right format that meets their needs.

In this section we will go into detail about these video styles as well as consider use cases such as product demos, why we use videos for sales purposes or even educational case studies.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have become widely used due to their ability to present complex ideas in a vivid and engaging way.

These videos are created with illustrations, animations, graphics and narration that build compelling stories for viewers.

To generate the best outcome when creating an animated video one must go through several steps.

These include formulating strategy based on target audience research, selecting animation style suitable for video production, scripting narrations, storyboarding elements, recording voice-overs as well as audio design.

The utilization of this type of visual media brings visuals alive while telling emotive tales which make it a great tool businesses can use if they want to craft powerful messages towards its customers or particular audiences.

These types are usually a lot easier to produce, since the production company will not have to book actors, scout locations, hire a filming crew, a sound team, etc.

Besides being a lot faster to produce, Animated Explainer videos also tend to be considerably cheaper than Live-Action ones.

Plus, if something goes wrong, you can just re-render :)

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Live-action videos may be the ideal option for businesses wishing to make an authentic connection with their audience - if you have a biiiiig budget.

Creating these types of explainer videos usually follows a process similar to that needed for making animated ones, including researching target viewers, determining style and formulating script content plus storyboard design before shooting video footage and doing sound design.

These live-actions video productions do require a greater budget allocation than those featuring animated videos.

Animated explainer video showing how businesses can use explainer videos to give an overview of their services

Explainer Video Use Cases

Now that we have looked into the different kinds of explainer videos, let's look at how they can be used.

Explainer video clips are really useful for a variety of purposes - from simply introducing a product or service to displaying an organization's expertise and capabilities.

This section will go over many typical usages like quick overviews, product demos, thought-leadership topics, “why you should pick us” explanations as well as sales-oriented visuals alongside instructional and case study examples too.

Overview Explainer Video

Explainer videos are an engaging way for businesses to provide concise information about their product, service or idea.

These types of videos can be displayed on websites, social media platforms and marketing materials in order to give potential customers a better understanding of what the business is offering them and how it could benefit them.

Having this type of explainer video is extremely valuable for creating interest towards a brand's offerings at first sight.

Product Demo Explainer Videos

Product demonstration videos are an excellent way for businesses to emphasize the strengths and benefits of their product or service.

These visuals help in demonstrating how products or services work, displaying their unique features as well as being a great way to consume content.

Especially valuable when products have complex components which may be difficult to understand, these videos can serve a crucial role for encouraging customers purchase decision by highlighting key advantages over competitors’ offerings.

By strategically utilizing demo explainer video content, corporations gain visibility while also increasing sales due to being able to showcase vital details that otherwise would take more effort to communicate with words alone.

Thought Leadership Explainer Videos

Thought leadership explainer videos can be used to display a company's competency and understanding on a given subject, usually through interviews, webinars, keynotes or talking-head clips. These types of videos aid businesses in conveying their expertise as well as creating trust with existing customers and possible new ones too – all while being seen by people within the industry they are involved with.

By demonstrating knowledge from this field, these organisations have access to become recognized pioneers. Utilising thought leadership explainer films for gaining an upper hand over competitors who may lack similar experiences.

"Why Us" Explainer Videos

Explainer videos that highlight the distinct features and benefits of a business or product relative to its rivals are referred to as "why us" explainer videos. They can be an effective tool in introducing a topic, while also forming meaningful connections with potential customers.

By making obvious what sets this specific item apart from the competition, these “why us” explainer videos assist firms to make themselves stand out and build trust among potential buyers.

Sales Explainer Videos

Explainer videos used for sales purposes are short clips crafted to advertise and market a business's product or service in an interesting way which is easy to understand. With this method, companies can increase their revenue by convincing potential customers of the advantages they offer through these captivating explainer videos.

This strategy allows firms to close deals more quickly because it conveys the benefits that come with purchasing something from them succinctly yet effectively, as opposed to lengthy written explanations.

Educational Explainer Videos

Educational explainer videos are developed as a powerful way of teaching complex ideas and delicate topics to their respective target audience. Utilized by universities, non-profits, and businesses alike, these videos provide an entertaining yet informative approach in helping the viewers understand difficult concepts better or simply become more aware about an issue.

Through illustrations and animations accompanied with skillful storytelling techniques, educational explainers give clarity to abstract notions while fostering higher information retention for the audiences that view them.

Animated explainer video showing the process of creating an explainer video

Case Study Explainer Videos

Case study explainer videos present the beneficial aspects of a product or service for businesses and individuals.

These are used as an effective marketing strategy, demonstrating real-world results which prove its efficiency to prospective customers. They create trust by highlighting the rewards of using said item.

Thereby encouraging them to take it into consideration themselves.

This type of video can assist any company in reaching their goals in today's world marketplace.

Explainer Video Production Steps

The production of a high-quality explainer video requires several critical steps, from understanding the target audience to sound design. By utilizing these techniques and following this process, businesses can make sure their message is conveyed effectively and engages their designated viewers.

In order to gain weight, you must gain some knowledge. Insight into each phase in creating an effective explainer video, we will explore how they all work together for successful outcomes.

Explainer Video Production Steps


Creating an effective strategy for your explainer video is essential to ensuring its success. This includes determining the targeted group, understanding what message needs to be communicated and establishing a demand for action. Making sure that there's cohesion between this video plan and overall goals of the organization helps in producing videos which successfully deliver messages as well as appeal to those it was made for. By developing a strong strategy, companies are able to generate Explainers that truly connect with their target audience.

Animated Explainer Video Example

Target Audience Research

Before getting into production, it is crucial to do research on your intended viewers to ensure that the explainer video you are creating speaks directly to them.

This involves collecting information regarding target audience and interpreting this data for trends or patterns as well as formulating a comprehensive profile of who they are.

By recognizing the wants, requirements, and issues of your projected spectators, you can adjust your explainer video so as to better engage with them while delivering an effective message too.

Animated explainer video showing how businesses can measure the performance of their explainer videos

Picking the Style

Picking the proper style for your explainer video is critical, as it can have a large effect on how well the message comes through. Whether you opt for animated or live-action should be decided based on what kind of message needs to be communicated, who it's intended to reach and any financial restrictions that may apply.

By making sure you pick an appropriate type of video presentation, you will make certain that its delivery strikes a chord with viewers in both visual appeal and impactful messaging.

Animated Explainer Video - how to write a script

Writing the Script

Creating a coherent and concise script is an integral part of explainer video production. It serves as the basis for structuring the story while ensuring that all information essential to delivering your message successfully is present.

It's important to ascertain how much detail should be included in order to keep viewers both informed and interested throughout the video production process.

Striking a balance between brevity and clarity can ensure that your goal will still be communicated efficiently without sacrificing any relevant facts or data about your explanation topic.

Animated Explainer Video Storyboard


Storyboarding is a significant stage in the video making procedure, as it helps you to illustrate your script and make sure that what ends up on screen satisfies your goals. A storyboard provides an artistic way of demonstrating every key scene, character actions and relationships in sequence.

Constructing a comprehensive storyboard allows you to recognize any potential problems before production gets underway so that when done right, the outcome will reach out successfully to its desired audience with its intended message intact.

Animated explainer video showing how businesses can pick the best explainer video production company

Recording Voice-overs

To create an impactful explainer video, adding voice-overs can be a great way to reinforce your message and bring more emotion into the production.

Professional audio equipment should always be used when capturing voices, as well as hiring experienced voice actors for best results.

Ensuring their comfort is key too in order to obtain top quality recordings of the intended script or storyboard.

Video Production

An image showing the process of creating explainer videos with a team of professionals working on a storyboard and script.

Creating an effective explainer video involves a process of producing the visual elements, such as animations and live action footage.

It is essential to collaborate with a professional production company or dedicated team of experts that are experienced in making these types of videos.

Investing into high quality video production will ensure you create something engaging for your audience while also having maximum impact.

Your chosen team should be able to provide excellent results from start-to-finish during the entire creation journey, aiding towards achieving great success!

Sound Design

The process of creating explainer videos usually concludes with sound design, a key element in increasing the overall effect.

Through using professional music and sound effects, one can create a certain atmosphere that will capture their audience's attention and add emotionally meaningful elements to your video production.

This also provides viewers with an all-round experience involving both visual and auditory components for them to appreciate it properly.

Measuring the Performance of Your Explainer Video

Once your explainer video is all set, it’s essential to gauge its effectiveness in order to make sure that the desired goals are being met.

By looking at engagement metrics and tracking conversions, you can acquire valuable information on how successful your video has been as well as spots for improvement.

In this part of our discussion we'll be going over various techniques used to measure an explainer video's performance along with what significance lies behind monitoring these stats continually.

Analyzing Engagement Metrics

Analyzing the engagement data of your explainer video is key to understanding its effectiveness with regards to reaching out and connecting to viewers.

Taking into account views, likes, shares, comments as well as click-through rates helps gauge performance over time and facilitate informed decisions about marketing campaigns.

By monitoring these metrics closely, you can optimize efforts for maximum impact on audiences.

Conversion Tracking

Monitoring the number of conversions or desired actions taken by viewers enables you to assess your explainer video's efficacy in terms of increasing website conversion rates. Evaluating this outcome helps to make wise decisions that refine marketing plans and optimize results.

Knowing how successful a video is can help inform you. Strategy, ensuring higher returns from such investments in the future.

How to pick the best Explainer Video Production Company

It's vital that you pick the right explainer video production company for your success.

When selecting a producer, pay attention to their proficiency, background in terms of storytelling and creating videos within a certain timeframe.

Ascertain whether or not they guarantee quality workmanship at an affordable price.

By considering all these elements when picking out an explainer video production firm, it is possible to produce captivating footage conveying your message which will resonate with viewers from your target audience.

Best Explainer Video Production Company - MezzoLab Animation


Businesses can create high-quality videos to effectively communicate complex concepts and engage their audience through explainer video production.

By understanding the different types of such visuals, as well as what elements are needed in a successful project and its creation process, businesses have an opportunity to make eye-catching videos that will help set them apart from competitors.

To ensure success, one should monitor how the video performs and adjust tactics accordingly. When done right, with assistance from experienced professionals, it has potential to revolutionize marketing efforts overall.

Animated Explainer Video Example

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an explainer video do?

Explainer videos utilize visuals, sound effects and storytelling to provide viewers with an easy-to-understand explanation of complex ideas pertaining to the products or services they are presenting.

These short animated videos serve as a helpful tool for allowing audiences to gain insight into and appreciate whatever is being presented.

Are explainer videos still a thing?

Explainer videos are still a popular choice for brands to get their message across.

That's because they actually work.

Not only do these visuals enable them to communicate stories and services creatively, but they also attract audiences in an engaging way that can increase conversions as well as user interaction.

Videos offer swift communication of ideas to large groups, making them the ideal tool for companies who want maximum exposure with minimal effort.

They work great when it comes to telling your brand's story while captivating viewers at the same time!

Animated Explainer Video example

How do I make an explainer video?

By far the best way is to hire a video production company specialized in making explainer videos.

Look for video production companies that match the style you are looking for and that have a proven track-record - for example, you can check out what clients they worked with or their case studies (here are our Case Studies btw!)

How much does an explainer video cost?

When it comes to the cost of an explainer video, budgeting is a key consideration.The price of a 1-minute custom explainer video usually ranges from $7k to $25k, depending on the type, style and complexity of the project.Freelancers and online video creators can offer lower prices if quality isn't as important; these range from $1.5k – $2.5k and you do have to spend a lot more of your time to manage the freelancers.If you do not have experience in explainer video production we would definitely not recommend this for you as you might end up having to re-do everything after you've wasted time and money.

How Many Words is a 60 Second Explainer Video?

A 60-second explainer video typically contains around 150-180 words. This can vary depending on the speed of the voice-over and the complexity of the information being conveyed.

How Long Does it Take to Animate an Explainer Video?

The time it takes to animate an explainer video can vary widely depending on the complexity of the animation and the expertise of the animators. On average, you can expect it to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to animate a professional explainer video.

How Long Should an Explainer Video Be?

The ideal length of an explainer video is around 60 seconds. This is enough time to convey your message without losing the viewer's attention. However, the length can vary depending on the complexity of the concept and the platform on which it will be shared.

Is Explainer Video Same as Demo Video?

Not quite. While both types of videos aim to explain, a demo video focuses on showing how a product or service works in detail, while an explainer video provides a broader overview.

Are Explainer Videos Always Animated?

No, explainer videos can be live-action, animated, or a mix of both. However, animated explainer videos are quite popular because they allow for more creativity and can make complex concepts easier to understand.

Which Companies Need Explainer Videos the Most?

While all businesses can benefit from explainer videos, they're particularly useful for businesses with products or services that are complex or new to the market. Tech companies, especially SaaS companies, often use SaaS explainer videos to explain their software.

How Do I Make an Explainer Video?

Creating an explainer video involves several steps, including understanding your target audience, writing a script, choosing a design style, creating a storyboard, and finally, production. If you want to check out an example, watch the Briiief explainer video we produced.

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