These guys were great to work with. Creative team, very responsive, and delivered. Very happy with the work!

Patrick Targun

CEO at Axon Terminal


Axon Terminal faced the challenge of effectively communicating how their platform simplifies freighting logistics, highlighting its features that streamline the transportation process, enhance visibility, and optimize supply chain operations.


Through an engaging animated explainer video, Axon Terminal demonstrates how their platform simplifies freighting logistics. The video visually illustrates how businesses can easily manage freight operations, track shipments, and gain real-time visibility into their supply chains, ultimately optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.


The animated explainer video has proven to be a powerful tool for Axon Terminal, effectively communicating the benefits of their freighting logistics platform. It drives understanding, generates interest from businesses seeking to streamline their supply chain operations, and encourages adoption of Axon Terminal's solution.

Axon Terminal

Axon Terminal is an advanced logistics platform that streamlines and optimizes supply chain operations.
Its smart solutions significantly enhance efficiency and transparency, enabling businesses to effectively manage their logistics needs.
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Logistics & Tech
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Austin, USA
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