The Mezzolab team has been nothing but great to work with. Smart, creative, thoughtful and very dedicated to provide an amazing customer experience. Amazing service.

Marcelo Manjon

Head of Product at Ginger


Ginger wanted to boost conversions on their website. They needed a catchy way to highlight the amazing benefits of their on-demand mental healthcare service.


We rolled up our sleeves and created a snappy 60-second animated explainer video. It was all about the benefits of using Ginger's service, showing in a simple, fun way how it could be a real life-changer.


After the explainer video went live, Ginger's website saw a solid bump in conversions. Turns out, a short, cool video was just the thing to get people excited about Ginger's on-demand mental healthcare service. This video is now being used to drive conversions across Ginger's online presence and they have since grown their user base to +25M users.


Ginger is a pioneering digital mental health platform providing personalized and on-demand support for individuals in need.
With a diverse team of mental health professionals, Ginger offers comprehensive services ranging from therapy to psychiatry and coaching.
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San Francisco, USA
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