The Mezzolab team has been nothing but great to work with. Smart, creative, thoughtful and very dedicated to provide an amazing customer experience. Amazing service.

Marcelo Manjon

Head of Product


Ginger needed to drive app adoption and guide new users through the app on-boarding in a smooth way. The aim was to show people how easy and helpful the app could be.


We put together a nifty "How it Works" animated explainer video that walked users through the app. It showed the app's main uses in a simple, fun way, making it clear how handy the app could be in their everyday lives.


With the new video, users started engaging more with the app. The onboarding process was smoother, and people really got how to make the most of the app. It was a big step forward for Ginger's user engagement and adoption.


Ginger is a pioneering digital mental health platform providing personalized and on-demand support for individuals in need.
With a diverse team of mental health professionals, Ginger offers comprehensive services ranging from therapy to psychiatry and coaching.
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San Francisco, USA
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