Giving What We Can faced the challenge of raising awareness about the importance of preparing for and mitigating large-scale disasters, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to protect humanity.


hrough a compelling animated explainer video, Giving What We Can effectively communicates the urgency of safeguarding the future by supporting disaster preparedness initiatives. The video highlights the potential impact of these disasters and the crucial role individuals and organizations play in making a difference.


The animated explainer video drives a heightened sense of awareness and mobilizes action towards disaster preparedness. By showcasing Giving What We Can's mission and encouraging support, the video inspires individuals to contribute towards safeguarding the future, ultimately working towards a more resilient and secure world for generations to come.

Giving What We Can

A leading player in the field of philanthropy, Giving What We Can is dedicated to encouraging ethical giving.
Through rigorous research, they identify and promote charities that create the most impact, advocating for a world where giving is effectively directed to the most pressing issues.
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