The Mezzolab team guided us in a lean and well designed process through the making of a short explainer video. ‍ It was great fun to work with the team and very professional at all levels: Time, tools used, and the team’s expertise. ‍ We look forward to our second collaboration, again for a short animated explainer video!

Pia Eggiman

Head of Customer Success at Klenico


Klenico had a unique SaaS product designed to assist mental health professionals with patient diagnoses. However, they needed an engaging way to explain the benefits and functionality of their software.


We produced an animated explainer video that made the complexities of Klenico's product easy to understand. It showed mental health professionals how the software can streamline and enhance the diagnosis process.


The explainer video was a hit. Mental health professionals gained a clear understanding of the product's benefits, leading to an increase in interest and use of Klenico's SaaS solution. The video proved to be an effective tool in communicating Klenico's unique value proposition.


Klenico offers a comprehensive digital platform equipped with advanced diagnostic tools.
Designed to support mental health practitioners, its suite of resources facilitates effective assessment and management of various mental health conditions.
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Zürich, Switzerland
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