We challenged Mezzolab to help us describe how Remote works, producing a one minute video in less than seven days. Their team was incredible, leading us to the best solution, always collaborating, clarifying all our doubts, and providing quick answers. Great cooperation, seamless process, and incredible outcome.

Leandro Peixoto

Lead Designer


Remote faced the challenge of effectively explaining how they help companies who hire remotely provide benefits for remote workers in different countries, highlighting the complexities of managing global benefits and ensuring employee satisfaction.


Through a captivating animated explainer video, Remote simplifies the complexities of their benefit offering, showcasing how they streamline the process for companies and provide a comprehensive range of benefits to remote workers, fostering a positive and rewarding work experience.


The animated explainer video effectively communicates Remote's benefit offering, resulting in increased awareness and understanding among companies and remote workers. The video serves as a powerful tool in driving engagement, and can be used as a tool in the Marketing funnel or the Sales process.


Remote is a global HR platform enabling companies to hire, manage and pay remote employees.
Its comprehensive suite of services streamlines the process of employing international talent, handling payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance in numerous countries.
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