Their team was incredible, leading us to the best solution, always collaborating, clarifying all our doubts, and providing quick answers. Great cooperation, seamless process, and incredible outcome.

Leandro Peixoto

Lead Designer at Remote


Remote wanted to turn up the dial on their conversion rates. They were looking for a way to highlight the key benefits of their HR SaaS platform across their marketing and sales efforts.


We crafted an animated explainer video that did just that. It showcased the big wins that come from using Remote's platform, making it clear why it's a game-changer in the Remote HR world.


The video became the star of and a key asset in their marketing and sales toolkit. It was a big part of what helped Remote become a unicorn, showing that a great explainer video can make all the difference.


Remote empowers companies to hire and manage remote employees worldwide.
By tackling complex HR tasks such as payroll, tax, benefits, and legal compliance, Remote supports businesses in navigating the world of remote work.
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