SeaLife Rescue faced the challenge of raising awareness about their critical mission to repopulate the oceans and protect ocean wildlife, while effectively conveying the importance of their work and the need for support from the public.


Through an engaging animated explainer video, SeaLife Rescue effectively communicates their significant role in preserving the oceans. The video illustrates how they contribute to repopulating marine life and caring for ocean wildlife through conservation efforts, and rehabilitation programs.


The animated explainer video serves as a powerful tool for SeaLife Rescue, generating increased awareness and understanding of their mission. It prompts viewers to appreciate the importance of ocean conservation and encourages support for SeaLife Rescue's efforts. The video plays a significant role in rallying public engagement, attracting volunteers, and securing crucial funding to sustain their vital work in repopulating the oceans and protecting ocean wildlife.

SeaLife Rescue

SeaLife Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the reproduction, rehabilitation, and release of marine wildlife.
Its efforts focus on preserving marine ecosystems and educating the public about the importance of ocean conservation.
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Fort Lauderdale, USA
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