Qwill is an app that allows you to take care of your Estate Planning in a easy and affordable way.


Qwill needed to attract new users to download its Estate Planning App while positioning itself as a fun, pain-free, and affordable option.


We produced a fun animation that explains why Qwill is an awesome alternative to the traditional Estate Planning process. This animation was used on a ad campaign, along with other short animation pieces.

The joyous planning of your eventual demise.
Since the topic of 'what should happen when I die' isn't exactly a cheerful one, we knew we had to try something special to make the video fun to watch and humorous but still tasteful. 

The use of a lighthearted narrator who jokes about the fears and questions the viewer might have about Estate Planning while providing a solution for them was the key element of the narrative.

Using a sound-a-like of a particular Monty Python certainly seems to have helped.
Not-so-young adults as the target audience.
We had to make sure that our target audience, the people who are just now realizing that they're actual grown-ups, connected with the message and 
saw the value in it.

Our solution was to show the changes people go through as they get older, as well as the new challenges they face.

MezzoLab have been fantastic to work with.
We had a very specific vision heading into this project and, candidly, were concerned they wouldn't be able to pull it off.
However, the end results were fantastic.
Greg Glass