Motion graphics videos are animated videos that combine text, shapes, images and other design elements to convey information in an engaging visual format. Unlike traditional videos that rely heavily on live action footage, motion graphics utilize creative animations, transitions, and effects to bring concepts to life.

Some key characteristics of motion graphics videos include:

  • Eye-catching animations and movement.
  • Simplified designs and illustrations.
  • Concise, easy-to-follow narration.
  • Energetic music and sound effects.

Motion graphics are commonly used for explainer videos, product demos, commercials, social media content, brand stories, process overviews, and more. Their unique visual style makes them extremely effective at capturing attention, simplifying complex ideas, and leaving a lasting impression.

How Can Motion Graphics Videos Help My Business?

Now that we know what motion graphics videos are, let's explore how they can be a powerful asset for businesses of all kinds:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Motion graphics are ideal for introducing your brand and explaining what makes your product or service special. The captivating visuals, upbeat music, and straightforward messaging work together to make your brand highly memorable.

For example, check out this explainer video Mezzolab created for Orbs, a blockchain infrastructure company. The video uses colorful graphics and smooth animations to break down the technical concepts behind Orbs in an approachable way.

Producing top-notch branded motion graphics videos like this is a great way to boost awareness and recall for your business. Showcase your brand's personality and value proposition in a video, then share it across your website, social channels, paid ads, and more to maximize reach.

2. Simplify Complex Products & Services

Many businesses offer products or services that may be confusing or unclear to the average person. Motion graphics excel at distilling complicated subject matter down into easy-to-understand overviews.

Mezzolab has created motion graphics videos that simplify complex topics in industries like:

Whatever industry you're in, a well-crafted explainer video with motion graphics can do wonders for clarifying your offerings and value to potential customers. Use creative visuals and analogies to break things down step-by-step until viewers have that "aha" moment of understanding your business.

3. Improve Website Engagement

Adding a motion graphics video to key pages on your website is one of the best ways to capture visitors' attention and get them to spend more time engaging with your site.

For instance, including an explainer video above the fold on your homepage welcomes visitors with a quick, entertaining overview of your business. Or embedding product videos on individual product pages gives shoppers a more dynamic way to learn about items before buying.

Mezzolab client Hourwork saw an 80% increase in conversions after adding an explainer video Mezzolab produced to their homepage:

Hourwork explainer video

4. Enliven Tutorials & Training

Motion graphics are also extremely effective for creating compelling how-to content, like tutorials for using your product or training videos for employee onboarding.

The combination of spoken instruction, on-screen text, and illustrative visuals helps reinforce information and accommodate different learning styles. Animated graphics can zoom in on details, replay key steps, and show processes unfolding in a way that traditional video can't.

For example, Mezzolab produced this onboarding video for realtor training platform Ginger. The upbeat motion graphics make learning how to use the Ginger platform feel fun and easy:

Ginger onboarding motion graphics video

Consider using motion graphics to create an intro video series for new customers or employees. The modular format makes the learning process clear and manageable.

5. Energize Social Media Posts

As social media feeds get noisier and attention spans shrink, eye-catching motion graphics videos can be incredibly impactful for stopping scrollers in their tracks.

Bite-sized animated clips are perfect for social media, where you often only have a few seconds to get viewers' attention. Mezzolab specializes in creating punchy social-optimized videos that hook viewers right away.

Tips for using motion graphics on social media:

  • Embrace bold colors and dynamic movement.
  • Focus each video on one key message.
  • Use text overlays so videos work without sound.
  • Optimize dimensions and length for each platform.
  • Include your logo and CTA.

Check out this fun Instagram-style promo Mezzolab made for story creation tool Storygize:

Storygize social media video

Publish feed posts and stories like this to grab followers' attention and drive them to your website or product page. You could also cut a longer motion graphics video into shorter clips to create a social media series.

Bring Your Business to Life With Motion Graphics

As you can see, investing in high-quality motion graphics videos can pay off for your business in numerous ways, from raising brand awareness to increasing conversions to improving the customer experience. The key is working with skilled creators who understand your brand and goals.

Mezzolab has produced hundreds of successful motion graphics videos for clients in SaaS, tech, healthcare, education, and more. Browse our case studies to see more examples of our work and the results we've driven for our partners.

Interested in creating your own standout motion graphics video? We'd love to bring your vision to life and help your business grow through the power of motion graphics. Contact Mezzolab to discuss your project.

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