Are you considering using animation for your B2B videos but not sure if it's the right approach? Animation offers numerous advantages over live-action video, especially when it comes to engaging and educating your target audience about complex products or services. Here are 10 reasons why you should use animation for your next B2B video project:

1. Simplify complex concepts

One of the biggest challenges in B2B marketing is explaining sophisticated products, services, or processes in a way that is easy for viewers to understand. Animation allows you to break down complex topics into simple, visual elements. By combining clear visuals with concise narration, animated B2B videos can convey your key messages more effectively than live-action.

See how these MezzoLab case studies use animation to explain complex B2B offerings:

2. Engage Viewers

In today's attention economy, it's harder than ever to capture and keep your audience's interest. Animated videos are inherently more engaging than live-action talking head videos. The dynamic visuals, fluid motion, and creative storytelling draw viewers in and make them want to keep watching to the end.

Some great examples of engaging animated B2B videos by MezzoLab:

3. Establish Brand Identity

Your B2B videos should reflect and reinforce your unique brand identity. With animation, you have complete control over the colors, characters, visual style, and tone to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand guidelines. Consistently branding your videos builds trust and makes your company more memorable.

Check out how these videos establish strong brand identities:

4. Create Characters Your Audience Identifies

Animated characters allow you to represent your target buyers and their challenges in a relatable way. Thoughtfully crafted characters help humanize your brand and make an emotional connection with viewers. When prospects see themselves reflected in your video content, they are more likely to feel understood and open to your message.

5. Bring Abstract Ideas To Life

Some B2B concepts like software, data, and processes don't have a physical, visual form. Animation empowers you to visualize the abstract through creative metaphors and symbolic graphics. You can illustrate invisible things in a concrete way to provide that "aha moment" for viewers.

6. Explain The Problem and Solution

Great B2B videos follow a problem-solution narrative structure. First, they set up the problem that the target audience faces. Then, they introduce the product or service as the ideal solution. Animation is perfect for taking viewers on this marketing journey from pain point to resolution in an interesting, easy-to-follow way.

For an example, see the Pluravida Explainer Video.

7. Demo Your Product

For B2B companies with software products, animated explainer videos are an excellent way to showcase key features and benefits. Animated product demos can simulate the user interface and experience to give prospects a realistic preview before signing up for a free trial or requesting a live demo.

8. Condense Information

B2B decision makers are busy people who appreciate concise communication. An animated explainer video can condense a large amount of complex information into a short 1-3 minute piece of content that is quicker and more engaging to consume than reading pages of text. This makes animation an efficient and effective format to move prospects further along the buyer's journey.

9. Improve SEO and Website Engagement

Video content has been shown to increase time on page and reduce bounce rates. Having an animated explainer video on your homepage or key service/product pages boosts your SEO while providing a better user experience for visitors. The video can provide an overview for those who want the quick hits and drive visitors to explore the rest of your site.

10. Create Versatile Content

An animated explainer video can be leveraged across multiple channels as part of an integrated marketing campaign. In addition to embedding it on your website, you can:

  • Use short clips for paid social media ads.
  • Share the full video on your social profiles.
  • Include in email marketing to prospects.
  • Play it before webinars or virtual events.
  • Loop it at your trade show booth.
  • Embed it in blog posts.
  • Add it to your press kit.

This versatility allows you to maximize the reach and ROI of your animated video content.

Explainer Video Tips and Best Practices

Now that you know the benefits of using animation for your B2B videos, here are some additional things to consider to ensure your animated content is as effective as possible:

  • Know your target audience - Do research to understand your buyer personas, their needs, goals, and concerns. This allows you to craft messaging that resonates.
  • Keep it short - Aim for 60-90 seconds for your animated explainer video. You want to hold attention while providing just enough information to pique interest and encourage viewers to take the next step.
  • Focus on benefits, not just features - Don't just rattle off a list of product specs. Explain how your offering makes customers' lives easier and solves their problems. Paint a picture of how things will be better if they choose you.
  • Include a strong call-to-action - End your video by telling viewers exactly what you want them to do next, whether it's requesting a demo, starting a free trial, or contacting sales. Make the CTA clear and compelling.

For more explainer video tips, read:

Examples of B2B Animated Video Content

To inspire your own animated B2B video content, browse through these MezzoLab video collections:

See how these brands are using animation to explain, engage, and persuade with video content. Notice the different visual styles, storytelling techniques, and calls-to-action.

Why Choose MezzoLab for Your Animated B2B Videos

If you're looking for an experienced partner to help plan and produce your animated B2B videos, consider MezzoLab. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Over 10 years of experience creating explainer videos for global B2B brands.
  • Unique hybrid approach combining storytelling, animation, and marketing expertise.
  • Stellar portfolio and client reviews
  • Dedicated project manager to guide you through the process.
  • Fixed pricing and timeline so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Complete video marketing strategy to maximize your ROI.

Learn about our video marketing services and check out this guide to explainer videos.

When you're ready to harness the power of animated video content for your B2B brand, contact MezzoLab to discuss your project. We'll help turn your complex ideas into compelling animated videos that captivate your audience.

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